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Trauma informed practice – why it’s an essential understanding for everyone

A few decades ago trauma or PTSD was considered a very rare condition limited to soldiers returning from war, members of religious cults, those who had been kept hostage etc. Few people outside the psychiatric professions had any knowledge of it, and indeed most of us didn’t come across anyone with this problem. However, recently that has begun to change.

A combination of poverty, destruction of our gut flora (which affects our brain function), family breakdown and increasing societal stress (especially since the pandemic) have meant that more and more people are being diagnosed as suffering some form of PTSD. There is even a new definition of ‘complex PTSD’ which recognises the nature of cumulative, relational trauma.

In response to the idea that trauma can be an everyday occurrence, I wrote my book The Scar That Won’t Heal in 2015 to describe how chronic stress is held in the body from overwhelming events that have not been fully metabolised emotionally. This book was one of the first to bring together the psychology and the physiology (Mind and Body). It showed how stress and unresolved emotion can manifest decades later in pain, fatigue and anxiety. More importantly it also showed you how you can overcome these devastating effects. The book has been recently updated (2021) with even more information and tools - and it has spawned the idea of a Masterclass (currently in production ) which I will offer to people who wish to delve deeper.

But now I recognise that we need more professionals who have this understanding that the body holds onto trauma causing all sorts of physical symptoms. In collaboration with Chrysalis Effect Health (pioneers in CFS/ME recovery), I produced a webinar series of 4 Modules on Adverse Childhood Events and Trauma Informed Practice. This is for teachers, therapists, students, in fact ANYONE who works with people who have or might have trauma symptoms. Do sign up now for this ground-breaking course by contacting Chrysalis Effect Health.

I am also busy adapting the material for use in prisons and in social care. Look out for that on this website under Education/courses.



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