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The Wonder of Number

Today I wanted to talk about my latest project writing a book on the Meaning and Wonder of Number. This may seem like a departure for me. Firstly I want to reassure people it's not a mathematical book - it's not one of those books that seem to be beloved of mathematical geeks you know where you get to do puzzles or get to look at weird and strange symbolism or manipulations of number - this is actually about how nature uses number to underlie natural processes such as the growth of sunflower seeds or a snail shell.

The Wonder of Number Image

These are all linked to a particular constant which is called Phi or the golden mean and that's just one of the many constants in nature. There are others that are used like Pi - the value of the circumference of a circle compared to the radius but there are others and some of them are extraordinary numbers that go on forever they're called transcendental numbers that create extraordinary meaning and pattern underlying everything from the very, very small to the very, very large. From the smallest units that we know which is which are Planck units so named after a very famous physicist Max Planck and going all the way up to solar systems and the planets and how they revolve around each other. This is a new idea of a universal scaling law. I've talked about this a lot with my colleague Dr Rainer Viehweger on my Youtube channel - see link below.

This scaling means not only are we linked to everything else which of course the mystics have long told us - that we are one and that we're part of a bigger Universal system but also that information can be transferred from these different systems at all scales! Given that we as humans are dead centre in this universal scale, it looks like we have a purpose to actually take part in this universal unfolding. So what what this actually means is that human beings is that our brainwave states, our heartbeat, how our cells divide are all on the same scale and this is a fractal (self similar, repeating) relationship so then it follows that we have the ability to communicate with nature at a deep fundamental level.

It may be indeed be true that consciousness itself, which has long baffled scientists is not produced in the brain - what they call a meta-phenomenon (that's like saying the electronics of the radio somehow create the programs that you hear). If consciousness is not produced in the brain then how and what is it? Well if this explanation that information can be transferred from Universal systems up and down the scale then consciousness would simply be information transfer from all scales.

If humans,and all living systems including the Earth are linked then you could say we are in the middle of an expanding universe which is not random or chaotic but has a beautiful pattern language that is self-renewing and learning. This blows out the water our idea of being isolated individuals but instead realising that we are part of something universal.

I think the mathematics being a pure language rather than say English is the language of that universal reality. It's actually describing and articulating the structure of the universe!

It is my aim and my goal to make the wonder of that knowledge accessible to the non-mathematically minded - I'm not writing this book for the mathematical geek, I'm writing it for the average person who maybe wonders what underlies the structure that we live in, what is the meaning of this world that we live in and is there a pattern. Because when we can idenfity a pattern it's possible for us to intervene and change things - create new renewable energy sources for instance. That is what I'm trying to formulate now into this book which I hope I will launch in Spring 2023. More on that when I'm nearer to launch. For now I'll leave you with one of the many beautiful images that I've gathered.

See my recording with Dr Viehwever here


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