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My Books

I am an established author of 7 books - 4 in the MindBody Connection Series - ALL AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

  • The Scar that Won't Heal - Stress, Trauma and Emotion in Chronic Disease

  • The World Within - How our Microbiome shapes us

  • Losing Our Minds - Healthy Ageing at a Cellular Level

  • Life Illuminated - How Light and Energy Underlie Life

  • The Dementia Diaries - Learning to Let Go Gracefully, A Daughter's Tale (a memoir of losing my mother to dementia)

  • Life Lessons - Advice from the Afterlife, A Sceptic's Journey (An account of the messages I received from my deceased family members through consultation with a psychic friend of mine - soon to be published)

  • The Mystery of Numbers - A Universal Pattern and Fractal Geometry of Life - simply the mathematics of life and how it forms patterns that we all recognise. A non-geek guide for the curious mind.

I am also currently working on shorter books focusing on specific issues like Overcoming Anxiety, Addiction, Narcissism with practical tools and case studies of people who have worked with me.

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