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Summer Newsletter from Alchemy Therapies

New Book!

The Highly Sensitive Handbook

Well it's the already well into the summer holidays and you haven't heard from me since Christmas..

What on earth have I been up to to be so slack in keeping in touch with you all?

Well, as you can see I have a new book out - The Highly Sensitive Handbook (only just - please allow 48 hours to go live).

In May this year I presented a talk on the subject for The Chrysalis Effect and it went down so well that I decided to flesh that out with even more information and case studies from my practice. My contention is that being highly sensitive is a common precursor to chronic disease as it sensitises your nervous system to experience life very deeply. Although in itself it is not a condition or problem but a personality trait, what the research tells us is that when this combines with a childhood environment that does not support your emotional needs the nervous system is geared towards threat much more easily. Find out more about this absolutely key finding and what you can do about it to live a life free of limitation and full of joy.

Please if you enjoy it give me a review on Amazon as this helps me tremendously

Only £8.99 for a limited time.

Book Deal in Progress

I've also been approached by a bona fide book publisher, Mercury Publishing (a subsidiary of De Gruyter's) to publish some of my books - beginning with The World Within (to be renamed The Human Superorganism). I am in the process of converting my carefully formatted files to their format so that they can then put it back together in their style. Watch this space for when that is available on amazon and through bookstores.

It is very exciting as I have always wanted a wider audience for my books and self-publishing, whilst it means you can get the books out there as you design them, limits the potential audience unless you are a master marketer! Which of course is not my forte. So, with a book deal, I will expect to get much better promotion and therefore exposure.

New Delivery Plan for ME/CFS

At last the NHS and government have changed their approach to ME/CFS to stop blaming patients for their illness and begin to offer a real solution.

This has been the approach that The Chrysalis Effect has been pioneering for years.

It's so wonderful that the NHS have finally decided to act.

Working Hours Changes

After having had covid in the spring which took 2 months to fully recover from and a sporadic return of stress-related anxiety, I have made the decision to cut my working hours to help me have time more off. Although I only see clients on 4 days a week at the moment, with all the other writing and presenting I do, it turns out I am working 6 days a week which is unsustainable. So my new working hours will allow me to have a full day off (and 1 day admin) in the week and only a half day Saturday and Monday. The new hours from September are:

Monday 2-5 Tuesday 9-5 Friday 9-5 Saturday 9.30-1

I will honour any booking made outside of those hours already but just to let you know your favourite slot may have to change!

Advertising and Promotion

I've stopped my google advertising as it was bringing in the wrong type of person and just creating a lot of work for me attending calls where few people actually turned up! It was a disappointment as I was hoping to pick up clients for the Emotional AUDIT course as well as 121 work. This course is still available but it's a self-taught 'Evergreen' course and trying to get a group together each time takes a marketing team.

Social Media - YouTube and Instagram

Talking of which, I am saying goodbye to my lovely social media assistant Kat Turner who was instrumental in propelling my YouTube Channel and Instagram account to new heights. I couldn't have done it without her but she is moving on to focus on her partner's business full-time. Thanks a million Kat. I am currently investigating alternative people who can help me with that and improving my SEO (Search Engine optimisation i.e. google rankings).

Under her instructions I have created a separate YouTube channel for my other passion which is cryptocurrency investing and decentralised finance. So I've moved any videos on that subject to my new 'Wary Cryptonaut' channel. My plan was to help educate others in this fascinating but risky new way of viewing money. Interestingly I was bombarded with spam responses after the first week so had to limit comments as it's a sector rife with scammers.

I am under no illusions that it is a risky area and of course regulations are shortly coming in which are going to make it much safer but I still do promote learning about finance and taking back control as much as you can.

New website is underway and hopefully live by the end of August. This is to showcase me as a writer/educator rather than Alchemy Therapies.

Community Sessions

I took a break from my online group Community sessions in August but they weill be returning the first Wednesday of every month on September 6th. A chance to listen to a short live presentation on a topic related to emotional health and wellbeing, and then the opportunity to discuss or share your thoughts (but you are equally welcome to just listen).

Only £12 per session.

Well that's all from me, hope you're all having a good summer everyone...

Take care



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