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The end of evidence-based medicine?

Is OMICRON really the deadly virus we were told it is and what is the evidence for the current ‘work from home’ rule and the increasing likelihood of further restrictions in the New Year?

Surgical Face Mask
Surgical Face Mask

Hot on the heels of the new restrictions coming in, we have news that the Omicron variant has claimed its first life in the UK. At face value this seems like the beginning of maybe a third (or even fourth!) wave which would justify the government’s extremely cautious outlook.

But hang on a minute… is it really the deadly virus we were told it is and what is the evidence for the current ‘work from home’ rule and the increasing likelihood of further restrictions in the New Year?

There are so many things wrong with this current narrative that it is hard to know where to begin. Firstly, the PCR test, last bastion on ‘gold standard’ testing, is not up to the job. It was never designed as a test for active infection – it measures exposure only not active infection [1] and is notorious for false positives. The inventor of the PCR Kerry Mullis said as such but sadly (and rather suspiciously) died just before the covid epidemic began. Otherwise, I am sure he would have been a vocal opponent and a thorn in the side of the Big Pharma push.

Secondly the case numbers (and therefore the death rate) have been vastly over-estimated – because of the time-lag between testing and reporting, you are now considered a covid death if you had a positive test within the last month. So, you could have a heart attack or die in a road accident but if you had a positive test a month ago, you are a covid death!! How is this scientifically valid? It is preposterous but it has become so normalised that no one is now questioning it.

Both of these facts are vastly overestimating the real case and death rates. It seems now that the death rate is about 0.1 – 0.3%, roughly on a par with flu. And it mostly affects the very elderly and those with co-morbidities whilst leaving the young with mild disease (and some children hardly knowing they have it). So why the extreme reaction which is causing far more collateral damage to lives and livelihoods (and the mental health of a generation)?. If we look at all cause mortality (which is the only reliable data method to indicate the effect of any pandemic – it shows deaths above and beyond the norm) we see a peak in spring 2020 and a minor one in the autumn of that year [2]. Beyond that we have hardly a blip. All the extra testing is creating the false impression we are having more and more infections.

Thirdly, the masking has never been shown convincingly to be effective and may cause more problems than it solves. The virus is not a pure respiratory virus – it is more wind-borne hypoxic virus attached to cyanide carrying air-borne pollutants which depletes the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells (unlike flu which is a pure respiratory virus) and affects all mucus membranes (e.g.eyes as well as our mouth). So the mask may help if you are actively sneezing and coughing (and therefore ejecting virus particles) but for asymptomatic people to be wearing them in the belief that they are protected (which is the current narrative) is not only wilfully false but due to the induced hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the blood) that it causes by restricting breathing (especially important in the elderly), it may actually be causing some of the symptoms it purports to solve [3]. Oh and the ‘disposable’ ones are made of microplastic sprayed over a gauze – inhaling microplastics directly into the lungs. If you must wear a mask, use a cloth one.

Instead of seeing the virus as something attacking us that we need to destroy (war mentality) we need to see it as nature’s attempt to clean us up. When we stop destroying our environment and learn to live in harmony with nature we will find a better balance and maybe start questioning those governments who pretend to care about us and demand a better way.


[2] Norman Fenton on youtube

[3] Dr Zach Bush on youtube



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