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The truth about vaccines

Vaccination vs. Immunisation

Any blog that begins with this title better have it right – I am aware this is a controversial subject and for years I have sat on the fence believing that the benefits outweighed the risks but a recent film and the subsequent research I did have convinced me otherwise.

It seems, not that there is a conspiracy as such, but a hegemony at least, of putting profit before public health which prevents proper scrutiny and accountability of the vaccination production and administration schedule. The details are frightening.

The number of vaccines given to children has nearly tripled since the 1970’s in the United states, and increased significantly in other European countries, although none of them has increased as much as the US. In the US now, depending on the state, there can be as many as 69 doses of 16 vaccines given to children before they are 5 years of age. Many of these like the MMR (Mumps Measles and Rubella) and DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) are multi-valent – in other words they have 3 or more different vaccines in the shot. This is a more profitable route for the manufacturers to produce but the effects of such combinations when injected into the body have not been tested accurately.

The first problem is that safety testing is largely left to the industry (Big Pharma) and its largely bought out regulators in the ‘healthcare’ sector. In the US this is the CDC and NIHR in the UK it is NICE. They do conduct studies to test the vaccines before they are licensed but the protocols deviate significantly from good practice. Firstly the vaccine is often compared to a old version of the vaccine or a solution of the toxic adjuvant (chemical added to make the immune system respond better) instead of an inert substance. This means that even though many of the participants may react adversely there won’t be as many statistically significant reactions to the vaccine component itself as there will be adverse reactions in all groups as the adjuvants are toxic! In other words the placebo is not inert so the comparison is bogus. Statistics can then be reported as showing benefit when there is much less in reality compared to not vaccinating.

The second problem is that only positive studies are chosen to be released by these companies so we do not have a level playing field of positive versus negative. They simply don’t publish those ones which fail to show benefit.

The list of ingredients in some vaccines boggles the mind: chicken foetal tissue, heavy metals (especially Aluminium and Mercury – as thimerosol), propylene Glycol (antifreeze), formaldehyde, glyphosate (weedkiller), MSG and certain emulsifiers like polysorbate 80 which breaks down the gut lining and blood brain barrier (necessary for all of us to protect the brain) and allows toxic chemicals to get into the brain directly. They are there to prompt the immune system to respond and therefore to get immunity but the levels may be way above natural safe levels – up to 250 times in fact. A recent study in nature confirmed this with levels of Al in the HPV vaccine Gardasil. This is real science but it is being hidden from us by a profit-driven pharmaceutical industry and a complicit medical system.

Now, it may be necessary for us to ask – how did we get here? A little history and study of immunity is necessary. The word vaccination comes from vaca or cow as it was first developed as a control of small pox by using the fact that people exposed to cowpox seemed immune. The idea is usually credited to Edward Jenner but in fact the idea had been brought over in the early 1830s by a woman xx who had observed this in India. Jenner was intruiged and began experimenting with his own child and the child of a neighbour – in fact both had early deaths in their twenties so it is remarkable that his experiments are revered so.


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