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LAST STOP Emotional Healing My Emotional AUDIT - a group trauma healing program like no other! 19/10

Many people find themselves needing help with their symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and pain. Some get diagnosed with CFS/ME or ADHD, GAD, GERD, auto-immune disease and attempt to find help with diet and lifestyle. But most people miss out the one factor that could tip the balance for them - the Tipping Point! Emotional Healing is the thing that most people (like me before I worked it out) avoid. They don't understand that unresolved emotions stay in the body wreaking havoc with your biology. And there is a simple solution - Emotional Healing with the support of a group of people who know what it feels like to struggle and are ready and willing to learn and transform themselves. Want to get involved? Or know someone who might benefit?

The Emotional AUDIT online program begins this Thursday 19th October. This is a transformational 9 week, 8 module bespoke trauma healing group program LIKE NO OTHER!. There is nothing else out there like this - interactive content and group support for you to discover you you really are without your trauma. For more info please go here.

I have now run this program 4 times - it is in its wonderful 4th iteration of unfolding. But I need your help. I have a few people interested in joining. But not enough to make it work as a group program. So if you know of anyone who might be interested in joining this joyful and uplifting program of emotional release please get in contact.


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