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The hidden dangers of GMOs

You’ve no doubt heard of the fact that genetically modified organisms (mostly bacterial DNA) have been incorporated into some food crops in order to make them resistant to herbicide. The idea behind this technology was to enable farmers to spray their fields with glyphosate based herbicides which would then only kill the weeds and not the crop. This sounds all well and good on the surface. But there is a terrible cost to us which is only just beginning to surface as our understanding of what goes on inside our gut becomes more well-known.

We are a community of micro-organisms. They reside on our skin, and inside our guts. They constantly breed, metabolise (providing us with a host of organic chemicals like vitamins and neurotransmitters) and most importantly for this discussion interchange their DNA with ours. Now if you put foreign DNA into these bugs (as happens with GMOs) they begin to interchange with our DNA. We start to get leaky gut symptoms as our mechanisms for regulating the opening of spaces between the gut ‘skin’ or epithelium are largely controlled by the metabolites of our gut flora and the interaction with food molecules.

In other words when you start messing with our food you cause irrevocable changes to our own DNA and cellular functioning. Hence we start to get sick.

Sickness of workers in developing countries where GMOs were largely trialled first pointed to the problem. Their kidneys began to fail due to the build of toxins which they were unable to get rid of as glyphosate, the active ingredient of Roundup, chelates (binds) minerals in their bodies and prevents absorption. Now it is beginning to be felt in western nations, particularly the US. However, such are the vested interests of the pharma/agribusiness monopoly, you are unlikely to hear about it in national newspapers or magazines.

When our gut flora are imbalanced we cannot absorb our food properly, we are undefended against attack by pathogens (bad bugs). and our mental health suffers as most of the neurochemicals in our brains are made in our guts. The rise in depression, anxiety, obesity (due to unregulated eating), and a whole host of chronic illnesses like autism, auto-immune conditions, are linked to this problem.

The best solution is to eat organic, non GMO food. And heal your gut with a proper protocol of nutrient rich food and supplements. De-toxify with support for your liver, sunshine (for Vitamin D), sleep and infra-red saunas. I’ll be covering that in another post.. This isn’t a luxury, it’s vital if you want to live a happy, healthy life to old age

The leading researcher of this field, Dr Jeffrey Bland, has called it ‘completely irresponsible’ to let people eat GMO foods as the pollution of the gene pool through cross-fertilisation is permanently contaminated for all future generations, See his book Genetic Roulette and his website I think even he understates the case here. This is a ticking time bomb; our longterm survival as a species is at stake!

This is an extract from the soon to be published book ‘The World within; how your gut bacteria make you who you are’


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