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It’s a New Year Smoothie

Here’s some smoothies to delight you!

 Everyone is doing juicing and smoothies it seems so I thought I’d add a few recipes plus a few suggestions for supplements to add to those. My main belief is that they should taste yummy and be full of nutrients. No point forcing yourself to drink things that are unpleasant!  I have my own breakfast cereal too which I’ve included in the recipes.

Tricia’s breakfast booster:

1 cup organic oats

1 tspn pumpkin seeds*

1 tspn sunflower seeds*

1 tbspn chia seeds*

1 tspn ground flax seeds*

a few organic cranberries

3-4 brazil nuts ground with 1 large date

a few hazenuts

some coconut flakes and dessicated coconut to taste

7-10 almonds ground and with water added for almond milk

1/2 tspn raw cacao powder

1 tspn maca or lacuma powder

* these amounts are roughly right. I tend to make up a batch and just add the ‘almond milk’ concoction fresh each day.

leave it to soak for 20 mins before eating. it’s delicious and fills you up!

Annette’s New year Breakfast on the go Smoothie:

Half a carrot

1 Small handful of kale

1 apple

1 Handful of fresh pineapple chunks

4 teaspoons of ground almonds( for protein and keep me full)

1/4 pint coconut water

Topped up Mineral water to the load line on the blender cup( which is just under 1/2 pint)

Table spoon fresh chopped coriander (good for cleansing the blood )

1 inch chunk of cucumber.

Here’s some from cyptoplan a not-for-profit supplement supplier who I work with:

Deconstructed Black Forest Gateau (Serves 1, as a meal)

20 whole almonds (preferably soaked overnight)

10 cherries

100 ml coconut cream

100 ml filtered water

2 teaspoons of cacao powder

Beetroot Brain Boost (Serves 1, as a meal)

1 red beetroot

5 walnuts (preferably soaked overnight)

40g of blueberries

40g of raspberries

½ avocado

300ml of filtered water

Cocoa and berry smoothie (Serves 1, as a meal)

½ avocado

Tablespoon raw cacao (or unsweetened cocoa)

1 desert spoon mixed seeds

Handful berries (eg raspberries or blueberries, frozen is fine)

Handful of spinach

1 desert spoon olive oil or teaspoon coconut oil

Juice 1 lemon or lime

Piece of fresh ginger

100ml Coconut or Almond milk

Enjoy people!


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