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Being a specialist practitioner

I was recently asked by ME/CFS Recovery organisation, The Chrysalis Effect, to record a ‘warts and all’ expose of  my journey to becoming a specialist practitioner and I agreed as, although it may seem like we therapists ‘arrive’ fully formed in our new roles, in fact it’s often a long journey for us too!

The occasion of my webinar was just before the launch of my second book – due out in September 2017, and a conference presentation in October planned. It seemed like a good time to review how I got to be doing this thing that I really love, still making mistakes (learning) but stepping up and doing it anyway.

I ended the talk with a quote from Marianne Williamson about fearing our light not our darkness, as it seems to me that therapists, more than most people, fear success even more than failure. There is something frightening to a person like me, whose whole approach to life is to help others, to stand up and be counted as an ‘expert’ in my field. But I am gradually overcoming my natural shyness and finding my voice is more powerful when I own my expertise, without ego, but with gratitude.

As women, we may have even less confidence around business and finance, but if I can do it, then anyone can. Staying small so that others will not feel intimidated by you does not benefit you or the world at large. We need to step up, own our power and start using it for the benefit of mankind. I hope you enjoy the presentation and find things in there to give you inspiration too. I look forward to continuing my own journey into the light.


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