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4 Years Since the Pandemic - what have we learned

It's been 4 years almost to the day when the first lockdown was announced in the UK. I know because it wasn't long after my birthday (just gone) and the panic was on. I've done many presentations on the science of the SARS-Cov2 virus and the largely useless measures put in place to protect people when it first emerged. But 4 years on have we learned anything? The government review has been a whitewash so let's for the sake of argument just review the measures effectiveness now:

  1. Lockdowns - largely damaging rather than protective as they failed to protect the elderly just penalised schoolkids who were largely immune and working people (especially the self-employed who had no furlough system for the first 3 months). The elderly were left alone to infect each other when they were forcibly sent home from hospitals. The poorly paid and desperate staff did their best but many worked in different facilities to make enough money - thus spreading more infection. Nobody thought about administering the best immune protection there is - vitamin D (notoriously low in the elderly). Many died from covid infection, loneliness and neglect without seeing their families at all.

  2. Masks - we have since found that the virus is largely airborne like the flu but it absorbs into the body through mucus membranes. The eyes are a mucus membrane (as well as nose and mouth). So unless you're wearing a hazmat suit you're going to be exposed regardless of wearing a mask. Yes but they protect others I hear you say. Not really. They might a little if you are actively sneezing/coughing but if you have no symptoms all they do is give the false impression of protecting others which is a dangerous proposition as it makes people careless about hand washing etc. People often re-used the disposables over and over, taking them on and off again thereby getting virus particles all over their hands (as the Ventouli effect concentrates particles on the outside of a small air flow gap) and then spread it with what they touch. We would have been much wiser to pay attention to hand washing - and not with those awful chemical handwashes either which destroy our microbiome and thus our innate immunity (our first line defence).

  3. No Home Treatment - there was no initial treatment if you were infected. We were told to go home and if it got worse to to A&E. We were told there was nothing we could do (until the vaccine was developed). Not true. Salt water gargles and herbal preparations like Chiuretta/ Echincacea should be used to kill the viral load in the throat at the first sign of symptoms. Everyone should have been told to double their Vitamin D intake (if they were taking any at all). Dark skinned people should have trebled their dose as they tend to have lower values as they make less in the skin in northern climates. No-one makes Vitamin D at all in the UK between October and April due to the latitude we're on and therefore the angle of the sun. A massive public health failure which saw a huge number of dark skinned health workers (the vast majority - over 65% of the NHS is non-Caucasian) keel over and many, many died to the great loss of the NHS and their families. Nothing was done to protect them.

  4. PPE and Field Hospitals - finally when, after months of health and social service staff imploring the government, protective kit arrived it was substandard and impractical as well as being pretty much useless (see above). Millions were spent on building field hospitals which couldn't be staffed because the health service had been underfunded for years and many of the most experienced health workers were keeling over with stress or covid or both (see above). The government contracts which went out to supply PPE or field hospitals were not subject to public tender and often went to friends of government ministers to great profit. Probably our current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak remembers this well as he was Health Minister at the time. He and his wife are multi-millionaires and he has a large proportion of shares in Big Pharma.

  5. Government Policy - the government were advised by the SAGE committee - supposedly experts though not one had experience of public health - most were statisticians and academics. Their figures were created by algorithms that had been wrong before during the SARS epidemic a few years earlier and TOOK NO ACCOUNT OF NATURAL IMMUNITY. This was then corroborated by government tsars (e.g The Chief Medical Officer, etc) who already had the ear of Big Pharma and knew to keep people 'on message' spreading fear to guarantee take-up of the 'miracle' vaccine when it arrived. One is now working for Pfizer.

  6. Hospital Treatment Failures - people who did go to hospital showing signs of secondary immune collapse (ARDS) were often ventilated. Wrong choice of treatment as it's not that the body needs more oxygen it's that the cellular machinery is poisoned and cannot metabolise oxygen. More ventilation simply stresses the body further. Most people on ventilation died. We would have been better off treating the virus as similar to cyanide poisoning (which stops the electron transport chain in your mitochondria from using oxygen and creating energy). There are cheap drugs that would have restored that (Hydroxyquinoline and Methylene Blue - which I've done a podcast on here). All drugs that would have helped were suddenly banned from use (Big Pharma made sure of that) so that ONLY the vaccine would save us.

  7. The Vaccine Rollout - the vaccine (all four of them) turned out to be pretty useless (arguably the AstaZeneca one was the least damaging given it was more traditional). They didn't prevent infection but supposedly made the condition less severe. However as the virus mutated from the biological mutagenic pressure thus exerted (that's what viruses do they adapt!), we found that people who were vaccinated actually got the disease more often! Now we are seeing an epidemic of heart disease and strokes in the young and active which could be the result of the uncontrolled /unregulated production of spike protein by the cells of people injected with the completely untested RNA 'vaccines'. We are still arguing that out in parliament (even though anyone who dares raise the issue is accused of being a tin-hatter - a noxious insult if ever there was one). Andrew Bridgend MP is virtually the only person convinced there is a case to be answered although RIshi Sunak was himself confronted recently by many vaccine damaged people and couldn't deny their experience. The government is still sticking to the time honoured tactic of denial. THE VACCINES ARE SAFE they cry. I think not.

  8. Manufactured Origins - Evidence has mounted that this whole sorry episode was in fact a manufactured 'gain of function' vaccine in the Wuhan Lab by a US governmental facility - whether deliberately released or just the result of a failure of security we will perhaps never know. Obviously denied but the evidence is pretty incontrovertible.

So what of the future?

Watch out for the next media frenzy when a new virus emerges. . But this time be ready. Understand your body's immune system is your greatest asset. Treasure it. Support it.

Follow alternative news not that of mass media which is largely big pharma funded (especially the left ironically). Make your own mind up. You are a sovereign individual with an amazing and miraculous system of self-healing. Give up fear (which depresses your immune system massively).

Please do follow my Youtube channel and also Rumble (for stuff that I can't publish on YT because of their censorship).


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