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The Mystery of Numbers Book

The Mystery of Numbers

Have you ever wondered about the underlying patterns of nature and the universe we live in? But you’re afraid you’ll need an understanding of complex mathematics and so have never explored it. Well, this could be the book for you.

About Me

I, Patricia Worby, am a former scientist and health researcher who set out to become a somatic psychotherapist specialising in chronic anxiety, pain, fatigue and stress-related illness. My experience has taught me that is often important to treat both the mind and the body for full health and wellbeing.

I offer short interactive courses and group programmes like the Emotional Audit Programme - an 8 module group programme for trauma education and support - which can done as a stand alone course over 8 weeks or more interactively via 121 support in the Emotional Masterclass.

I regularly present talks and webinars on subjects related to my specialist area. Please also check my YouTube channel and podcast (see more social links above).

Patricia Worby
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